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Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (@mma2bicourtney)

"MMA2 represents considerable cerebral input into very modest resources"
   Dr. Wale Babalakin, Chairman, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited

"MMA2: Number one airport terminal in Nigeria since 2014"
  Federal Ministry of Aviation

"MMA2: Second cleanest public facility in Lagos State"
  Ex-Commissioner for the Environment, Lagos State, Mr. Muiz Banire

Employer: Bi-Courtney Aviation services Limited – BASL

Working with BASL goes beyond finding a job. It is an environment where happy people are created. BASL is a place where leaders are groomed-ready for future higher placement and gives equal opportunity to desiring candidates at all levels to become part of this greatness.


Recruitment/Job listings/Build a future

All jobs within Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited have properly documented job descriptions. In the case of newly created ones, the Head of the Department/ Business Unit will provide a detailed job description, which is agreed upon and finalized with Human Resources Department. BASL is an equal opportunities employer, and will recruit persons with the right competencies for vacant job positions, based on approved current and projected manpower requirements.(Internship opportunity should be indicated here). This tab would also include a mailing address ( where applicant(s) can send in their CVs or it could be automated.


Performance Review/Feedback Session

BASL’s Performance assessment is a continuous, interactive and transparent process. It serves as an honest, supportive and developmental exercise between an employee and their immediate supervisors. Unit Heads are responsible for ensuring the transparency of the process. A second opinion and endorsement of employee’s appraisal shall be required from the next direct supervisor, depending on departmental structure.


Career Path and Development

HR develops an annual career progression plan which identifies the multiple career paths developed for each position thus providing a level of flexibility in terms of employee career development. BASL’s Career path development is a joint initiative of the employee and the immediate superior. It is initiated by the Business Unit Head after subsequent observation and performance evaluation.

Our competence development opportunities shall provide alternative means of acquiring and developing competencies at the appropriate level of proficiencies. These may consist of special projects or assignments, which will allow employees to demonstrate leadership and management skills.


Company Health Management

Staff of BASL with their spouse and maximum of four (4) children are covered under a medical scheme in line with provisions of the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS. We also maintain a Group Life Assurance Policy for our employees. This is a death in service life assurance policy. It covers any employee who dies in employment. This is in line with the Pension Act. We are compliant with the 2010 Employee Compensation Act, ECA which covers work related injuries as well death in the course of carrying out official duties.



Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited pays remuneration, which, when the value of allowance and benefits are taken into account, are fair and in line with Nigerian labour market and subject to the Federal Government regulations.


Working Hours

Staff in the administrative part of our operations work from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday). While the core operational staff operate various shift models coordinated with the circumstances of their specific operation. The terminal runs for twenty four hours every day.


Company Pension

We make statutory contributions to Pension Fund Administrator in line with the 2014 Pension Reform Act, as chosen by the employee on behalf of employees.


Our Staff

This will profile some of our staff with the inclusion of their pictures, departments and a one liner on why they are with BASL or why they love working with BASL.


Did you know…

This would be periodic facts gotten on what applicants need to know about what obtains in the ‘Labour Market’, interview tips, company/organizational trends, Personal/career development etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Likely questions that applicants may have for the organisation as regards the culture, the company and how they can become a staff. This can be about ten (10) or more (based on collective decision).