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Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (@mma2bicourtney)

"MMA2 represents considerable cerebral input into very modest resources"
   Dr. Wale Babalakin, Chairman, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited

"MMA2: Number one airport terminal in Nigeria since 2014"
  Federal Ministry of Aviation

"MMA2: Second cleanest public facility in Lagos State"
  Ex-Commissioner for the Environment, Lagos State, Mr. Muiz Banire

Integrity, creating friendly working environment, and maintaining Solid partnership

These qualities are thoroughly reflected in Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL) company culture.

With a work force of around 400, we are a relatively small team; however we manage one of Nigeria's most important public infrastructure. To put it into context, what happens at our airport has the potential to affect hundreds of thousands of travelers, as well as airline schedules across the nation, so we take our responsibility seriously.

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operator of MMA2 provides a wide range of employment opportunities within the company from aviation operations through to commercial and asset management, engineering, IT, finance, human resources, business development, communication and marketing. BASL is committed to a philosophy of strong corporate health, building our corporate culture and promoting an optimum work-life balance.

BASL team members rely on each other’s enthusiasm, flexibility and strength because they know that together they can make a difference.

The desire to innovate and initiate are common traits of BASL team members, both of which are essential to staying ahead of the competition. This requires that employees feel a sense of responsibility for their daily activities and personal development. Joining the BASL team means taking responsibility for your own development. Various opportunities can be seized in a variety of areas, from internal training courses to an active management development programme.

BASL stimulates the personal development of its employees through a wide range of training courses and programmes offered at various educational institutes. Opportunities are available for every employee. BASL is proud to support the personal and professional development of staff and offer our people exciting professional challenges and personal development opportunities, with time out for fun, creating a highly motivated team focused on the strategic delivery of service at the airport. In addition to encouraging our staff to attend various profession-specific conferences and training programs throughout the year to enhance their skills; BASL provides a comprehensive suite of training and development programmes such as airport management, business, airside operations, workplace health and safety, project management, and general management.

While we enjoy a relaxed and friendly work environment that celebrates personal achievements and encourages individual personalities to shine through, BASL staff do so in a manner that shows pride in their work and respect for others.