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Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (@mma2bicourtney)

"MMA2 represents considerable cerebral input into very modest resources"
   Dr. Wale Babalakin, Chairman, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited

"MMA2: Number one airport terminal in Nigeria since 2014"
  Federal Ministry of Aviation

"MMA2: Second cleanest public facility in Lagos State"
  Ex-Commissioner for the Environment, Lagos State, Mr. Muiz Banire

Come benefit from our ample parking facilities. Located directly opposite our terminal, our car park is very easily accessible. You can pay the parking fee at the pay stations. In case you experience any trouble, you can contact our service staff at the entry and exit gates and the pay stations. We are happy to assist you around the clock

Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) Rates

Duration Rate
0-1 Hour N400
Additional hours N100 per hour

The car park is patrolled.  Failure to comply with bye-laws may result in being fined.

P    Park within marked bays
    Pay on foot when ready to leave

The car park rates above are applicable for the first and every subsequent hour thereafter or any part thereof until exit.


This specifies the general operating procedures for all vehicles at MMA2. Except in cases of emergency involving the protection of life and/or property, motor vehicles shall be operated at MMA2 in a safe; conducive manner that also follow the Federal Road Safety Laws within Nigeria.
BASL is responsible for ensuring that customers and employees can work safely in the airport environment. For this to be achieved the cooperation of Security, Tow to Go (towing services provider) and MSCP staff is necessary to prevent potentially serious accidents and help keep traffic flowing, thus, reducing inconvenience to our customers.

1. Operation of Motor Vehicles
a. No vehicle shall be operated in or upon any MMA2 property in a careless or negligent manner or in disregard of the rights and safety of others, or without due caution or circumspection. Vehicles that are involved in an accident are to be handled by Security and the Police.
b. No vehicle shall be operated at a speed or in a manner, which endangers unreasonably, or is likely to unreasonably endanger persons or property. No vehicle shall be operated if such vehicle is constructed, equipped, or loaded as to endanger or be likely to endanger persons or property.

2. Traffic Signs, Directions, Signals and Markings
a. All vehicles operated on the MMA2 driveway must at all times comply with any lawful order, signal, or direction by authorized personnel i.e. Security and Tow to Go (TTG). Vehicles that violate the rules and regulations on the driveway, for example reversing, are to be clamped by Tow to Go and the applicable fine paid to Tow to Go.
b. Where traffic is controlled by signs, mechanical or electrical signals, or pavement markings, such signs, signals and markings shall be obeyed.

3. Reserved or Restricted Parking Areas
a. With the “No Unauthorized Parking” installed at senior BASL/Police/ Tow to Go parking area, no person may park or drive a vehicle on any portion of this area. Unauthorized parked cars are to be clamped.
c. Vehicles parked in the MSCP, VIP parking or Protocol Parking shall park in such a manner as to comply with all posted and/or painted lines, signs and rules.
d. Vehicle parked illegally in VIP parking and protocol parking is to be clamped.
e. Vehicle illegally parked in the MSCP or which tries to illegally abscond from the MSCP is to be clamped by MSCP staff or detained by security/police. Any parking fee that has been incurred is to be paid to the MSCP cash point.
f. Members of the public are to park on 1st and 2nd floors of the MSCP

4. Curb Markings
a. No vehicle shall stop, load, unload, left unattended to, wait or park on the Zebra Crossing. Such vehicles are to be clamped.

5. Authorization to Move Vehicles to Vehicle Impound
a. Vehicle removed by towing from any restricted or reserved area, any roadway or right-of-way, or any other area of MMA2, any vehicle which is disabled, abandoned, or illegally or improperly parked, or which creates a safety hazard is to be towed.


  1. Providers of car hire services have a concession for 11 slots each, cars that exceed these are clamped by BASL and the fees are paid at the MSCP cash point.

  2. Any unregistered car found within the restricted car hire area will be impounded.