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Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (@mma2bicourtney)

"MMA2 represents considerable cerebral input into very modest resources"
   Dr. Wale Babalakin, Chairman, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited

"MMA2: Number one airport terminal in Nigeria since 2014"
  Federal Ministry of Aviation

"MMA2: Second cleanest public facility in Lagos State"
  Ex-Commissioner for the Environment, Lagos State, Mr. Muiz Banire

PASSENGER HANDLING COMPANY: Partners Health Company (PHC) provides Passenger Assistance Services at the terminal and responds to all cases in real time.

PHC personnel provide wheelchairs to assist sick or aged passengers in any part of the terminal. Passengers who are traveling through our terminal with sick (but fit-to-fly) persons, physically-challenged or injured persons are expected to inform the relevant airline, who will help secure this service.

Within the MMA2 ticketing hall, we provide seats for elderly, physically-challenged, pregnant and sick passengers to sit on while waiting to get their boarding passes.

We also have buggies at the arrival section to give assistance to the same categories of arriving passengers.

All our elevators are furnished with emergency phones; passengers are expected to dial 801 if they are trapped or need help.